Best classic video games- They have the graphics,we have the classics.

I’ve played video game for most of my life and I’ve seen the evolution…from the bits era to the games that now look and feel like a movie. Even with all the good things the games of today have going on…there are time when I still crave the classic video games The classic video games were simple and they had us hooked.

What was it about that simple form of entertainment that had us so hooked, we still look back on it fondly? Yes it is a video game but our reaction to them is real. Feelings that strong can’t be overlooked.


Is it just a game?

The it…that I feel is missing from todays’ video games, are filled by the memories of the video games that I played as a child. When, think of those video games. I think of the fun times of my child hood. The vibes of those games didn’t clash with my happy feelings…they added to them. They added to the bond of my friendships and family. We sat next to each other, we joked, we laughed, we played and enjoyed the moment. Those games were light, upbeat, nothing serious and satisfying.

These games were what they were supposed to be…a means to innocent fun and not a reflection of the times.

Rated M

What made the video games of yesterday great, was they took you away from reality. I think many of the popular games today are…too real. They put the player in real life situations, real life locations and contain real life content – hints the rating system. The video games of the past were the complete opposite. They allowed children to play out their imagination on screen, rather than putting them in violent scenarios that reflect society.

They’re back

Recently there’s been a new interest in the classic video games. These games are being re-released not on the current consoles, but in their original format. Seems, I’m not alone in my feelings.

What’s interesting is that…today, the video game industry brings in more money than the movie industry. Even with that kind of success, it was decided to bring back those games of yesterday. The embracing of those games from gamers young and older says that, these games still have a place in todays’ gaming world.

They don’t build them like they use to.

Todays’ consoles don’t seem like they’re built to last. This year I just had to throw away my NES and SNES. I received my NES in 1990 and my SNES in 92. Combined…these consoles had a life span of over 20 years (not bad). I now have two X-box 360s. The first console started messing up in less than 3 years, and I’m just about pampering the second to keep it working properly. How many times have our Nintendo, Super Nintendo and cartridges included…taken a pounding or a fall and still work?

I guess advanced doesn’t equal durability.


What the gamer of all generations have in common is our love of the game. I’m not implying that the games of yesterday are better than those of today. I’m only pointing out that, it is foolish to say no to something solely because “its old” as it is to say yes to something solely because “its new”.

If something has stood the test of time, it has earned its place in todays’ landscape.

Do your own research! Play one of the classic video games, take the year it was developed out of the equation, and judge it on its game play alone. With that said, pick up a controller, press start and enjoy!





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