Retro Gamers- Ageless Fun

8-bit glitches, blowing in cartridges, coming up with methods to make the game work on the first press of Nintendo switches. We had some patience. With a “I” was how you pronounced Ryu, Mario’s rival was king koopa,… Read More

Most Wanted Video Games – The Dream Games

What are the most wanted video games? Is it the same sports game year after year? Is it s 1st-person shooter or a fighting game? Ask a few gamers this question and I’m sure that they’ll say yes… Read More

Best classic video games- They have the graphics,we have the classics.

I’ve played video game for most of my life and I’ve seen the evolution…from the bits era to the games that now look and feel like a movie. Even with all the good things the games of today… Read More

Welcome to Nintendo Heads

  What is Nintendo Heads? Nintendo Heads is a feel good site. It highlights the video games that we grew up playing in the late 80s and throughout the 90s. It allows old school gamer a moment to… Read More