Video Game Controllers Review: Evil Controller


Modify: Xbox 0ne, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5

Return Policy: Yes

Warranties: Yes

Modifications: Starts at $89.95; increases with each additional request

Special Edition Controllers: Already made with mods, price range from $99.95 – $179.99

Evil Mods

PS4 Evil shift fornite Edition

These controllers are made with the gamer in mind. Each modification is compatible with specific game genres. The mods not only allow a better gaming experience but are also made to fit individual needs and wants.

Evil Controllers offers the option of buying controllers that are already made with a set of mods; or customers can choose their own mods in the create mode.

More Power In The Gamers’ Hands

Evil Controllers treats the gamers as individuals and not as a part of the one size fits all assembly line. Their create mode allows customers to make a controller that accommodated personal hand size and grip; or just create what they feel is the perfect joystick.

Options range from: Different thumbstick sizes, Button + thumbstick tension, Addition of shift or Paddle buttons and button relocating are just a few of the option that are offered.

Each mod is geared to enhance functions of certain game genres and bring a more satisfying performance to both casual and competitive gamers.

Bringing Your Vision To The Experience

There’s a feel good feeling that comes with having a product made from your creativity. Such a product could definitely add to the gamin experience.

Evil Controllers create mode brings gamers closer to making the joystick their own. Customers will have options of not only the controllers functions but also its design.

Design Options: Colors, Pattern, LED light color for the xbox controller, Personal logos and taglines.

No Gamer Left Out

One of the companys’ highlights is how it expands the gaming community by collaborating with the AbleGamers Foundation. This is a charity that brings the joy of video games to those who have a disability. Together the two create controllers for these particular gamers that fit their specific needs.

– Orders are received via phone or through email

– Customers provide images or a video of their current gaming site.

– After receiving the needed information a prototype is worked on.

– Creators work with the customer to create any improvements to arrive at the final product.

My Take: Whether it’s made from necessity or just from the imagination, this is a product that puts the customers vision in their hands. If you’re a gamer that doesn’t need any modificationsit might still be cool to check out the  controller design options. If you’re not a gamer it would make a great gift for someone you know that is.

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